3D Printable Upgrades

Micro Spool 250grams

Print it 2 times and build a micro spool, perfect for your Felfil Spooler

Wider Spool Holder

A wider spool holder/blocker to easier lock your empty spools on Felfil Spooler.

1kg External Hopper

A bigger hopper to be placed on top of your Evo, to extrude for longer time

Shredder Drawer Sieve

Sieve the shredded parts to select the one already small enough to extrude

Evo Hopper Lid

3D print this hopper lid for Evo extruder in order to avoid contaminations

L/s Spool Locker

With these two adapters you can use also spools made of different thickness

Dryer Adapter

Use your spool dryer to dry your recycled scraps or pellet too

Recycling Hopper

Use this Evo hopper with shredded material, there is no grid on the bottom

Small Hopper 25gr

3D print a smaller hopper for Felfil Evo, suggested to extrude with powders