3D printed toys_Ozo_Bear_carillo

3D printed toys: a Christmas solution for makers

What do you think about 3D printed toys as your Christmas presents?

One of the joys of been able to 3D print just about anything as we wrote many time on our blog is actually creating unique items for you, your family and friends.

If you have not chosen your Christmas presents yet we are gonna show you how 3D printing can make toys cheaper and extremely customizable with plastic ABS or PLA filament and a 3D printer!

Since many toys are made of plastic, 3D printing has quickly proved to be an excellent solution to repair broken ones, replace missing toy parts, or 3D print your own toys at home. You can just download the 3D model you need, and print it. Easy as that.

Platforms such as Thingiverse offer many 3D files and we selected 10 of the cutest 3D printed toys project on our Thingiverse wall:


Ozo 1x2x3 Puzzle Bear: the cutest version of Rubik cube for children.

3D printed toys_Ozo_Bear_carillo

Ozo the bear. 3D printed toy by Emanuele Carillo


Thumb Wrestling Ring for unforgettable thumbs battle during Christmas night.

3D printed toys_thumb_wrestling_ring_dougwar

Thumb Wrestling Ring. 3D printed toy by Dougwar


Castle dice Tower: print many of them and build your empire.

3D_printed toys_caste_tower

Castle Tower. 3D printed toy by Lennarts


“Braq” jointed dragon: Well you can use it to defende your empire!

3D printed toys braq jointed dragon 3D

Braq jointed dragon 3D printed toy by bqlabs


Battat Driver Set with Part Organizer for little housework.

3D printed toys_driver set

Battat driver set with part organizer. 3D printed toy by AndrewBougie


Toy Dump Truck Trailer: Drive it in the snow or in the beach!

3D printed toys dump truck

Toy Dump Truck Trailer. 3D printed toy by Creativetools


Duplo compatible bricks: a classic toy for creative minds.

3d printed toys duplo compatible bricks

Duplo compatible bricks thingiverse by pjotrx


A Pusheen Lamp for the nursey.

3D printed toys pusheen lamp

Pusheen lamp. 3D printed toy by nazzaf


FabShop Mobile for incredible motor racings!

3D printed toys_FabMobile 3D

FabMobile 3D printed car moving by LeFabShop


Millenim Falcon: if you are the greatest of Star Wars saga, this is perfect for you (not only for your children).

3D printed toys_millenium falcon

Millenium Falcon Thingiverse. 3D printed toys by aaskedall


Have you choose your favourite one? You con click on the picture and download it! Creativity is a major part of growing up, and 3D printed toys can let kids express that.


Merry Christmas to you all from Felfil!