La stampa 3D nelle scuole per progetti didattici

3D printing at school: 6 projects for educators and students

In last years the education sector has worked to improve lesson plans, making them more interactive and technology-based and incorporating the use of technologies such as 3D printing at school.


2018 will be an important year to include 3D printing within schools of all orders. Lots of 3D printers company from MakerBot to Ultimaker are organizing to provide students and teachers with support for lessons and technical assistance.

There are many Italian and international projects and companies that are working to build educational paths in e-learning platforms for teachers and students.

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We have selected 6 projects to tell you about the trends and projects launched in this sector.


C = E x T from GREENMONEY: The reuse culture goes to school

Felfil has collaborated with Green Money project: this project has established the objective to bring in the classes of the middle schools of Ospedaletto and Coriano the culture of the reuse of waste materials.

The institute is endowed with our filament extruder Felfil Evo to create recovered filament from plastic waste and to give it new life printing objects for educational use.


INDIRE : the italian project  “Maker@scuola” 

“Maker@scuola” is a research project of Indire active since 2014. This project, reads by website, analyzes the specificities of the learning model proposed by the “Maker movement” applied to education.

According to Indire in the 2017/18 the number of schools that will start projects that include the use of 3D printer will increase exponentially: in fact more than one hundred schools will be involved in the project, preschool and primary school.

On the website was created an online archive which contains a series of modelling and printing optimization tools and a space for sharing models and experiences. Indire also offers free 3D modelling software optimized for schools SugarCAD.


PRINTLAB: perfect tools for students

PrintLab gives to schools and teachers everything they need to introduce students to 3D printing, from hardware to lessons tools. Starting from January has been release PrintLab Classroom  a web platform with 3D models and 3D exercises for students.

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SIEMENS STEM Day: online 3D printing lessons

Siemens deals with producing teaching materials and teaching activities within classes: it is an adjourned version and widened of Siemens Science Day designed for the young student since 9 a 12 years.  Siemens STEM Day provides tools, resources and teacher support centre.

In these weeks they have inserted on their platform a 3D Design and 3D printing courses.

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CREATE Education:  lessons in free download e teachers support 

This collaborative platform is designed to provide free resources and support to help educators introduce and incorporate 3D printing technology in classroom. There are resources for professional development, lesson resources and project ideas.

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THINGIVERSE Education: models in free download in the Makerbot platform

Thingiverse Education offers over one hundred free lessons that make teaching with a 3D printer easier and more effective. It is also possible to join the community in which educators can exchange ideas and advice.


We belive that this kind of activity will encourage students to take a more participatory and engaging approach by providing skills for students in employment.

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    PhotoCredits: “3D Printing in Education: Beyond STEM”