Random Stuff: Felfil Evo and Mamacrowd (not in this order!)

We have proudly already informed our backer on Kickstarter and Indiegogo that after months we finally sent into production all components of Felfil Evo.

The last components were put into production and are estimated to be completed in 2016. Once completed, they will be packaged together and shipped.

So, again, is starting something new and we want to share it with you but, we go by the order: last year we were able to start production of Basic Kit of our filament extruder and all this thanks to your generosity; that, to which you have contributed on Kickstarter, is defined Reward/Donation crowdfunding: this kind of process provides rewards to people who contribute, as you know.

This activity, have allowed us to grow a lot, to start our production and to finally achieve some concrete goals.

Through this medium we met great people and thanks to these people Felfil and Collettivo Cocomeri have grew up.

What is happening in this moment is incredible and we do not resist, we want to share with you: the next month we will be on Mamacrowd platform with a new crowdfunding campaign but this time of a different type.

What does it mean?

Our project has been chosen to be included on equity crowdfunding platform MAMACROWD, this kind of crowdfunding will allow us to secure funding and obtain money by granting the acquisition of shares in exchange (so people who contributes become in effect a lender); this step is one of the most important for us because it means that our company is growing and we will start to look for funders.

For this reason, we also got another important decision: Collettivo Cocomeri decided to devote himself to Felfil project, so in the next days you will see that our social pages will change and everything will focus on the opening of the new Felfil E-commerce but don’t worry, this will not change things because our primary focus are our supporters and our commitment and to get the best filament extruder.

We are doing everything possible to make sure that every part satisfies your standards and be ready as soon as possible.

So we got the end of this little chapter and now more than ever we hope and trust even in your support!

PS. For the third time, this weekend we will be at the Makerfaire Rome with lots of news, we look forward to meeting you! Here you can see what happened last year 🙂

Stay tuned and let’s extrude!

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