About Us

We were born in the new industrial context of the city of Turin, and with our Felfil system, we support our customers in their recycling and customisation projects of 3D prints. 


Thanks to our products, shredder, extruder, and winder, we are committed to create sustainable solutions for the 3D printing industry. We believe in the power of recycling and the importance of protecting the environment. Our goal is to provide high-quality tools that can produce filaments both from waste and old 3D prints and from pellets, in order to allow the widest possible experimentation.


We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with plastic waste, and we believe that the use of our machines can contribute to a more sustainable future where recycling and 3D printing go hand in hand.

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“We live the culture of reuse and believe in the cyclical processes in which everything is complementary.”

Felfil story

Born during the master degree of EcoDesign at the Polytechnic of Turin, the Felfil Evo filament extruder project has the opportunity to get the first recognitions during the European fair of  innovation “Maker Faire Rome 2014” winning the prize “Maker of Merit”.

In the same year, Felfil has been accepted among the projects of I3P business incubator in Turin; in this way, it was possible to develop the second prototype of the Felfil Evo.  Away the arrives from Kickstarter in the 2015: Felfil is one of the first Italian subjects to launch a project on the international platform. Defined by Startup Italia one of the best Italian crowdfunding campaigns, Felfil and Felfil Evo almost reached 45.000 € in 30 days and 168 backers.

Following the long tail of the success the product entered in pre-order mode on Indiegogo getting good results in the month of March 2016 selling over 20 Felfil Evo.


In 2016 the startup is ready to be lawfully established and to become an effective Srl: again is one of the first Italian company to start an equity crowdfunding on Mamacrowd.com.

In the same year Felfil Evo was available on Felfil.com e-commerce and the pre-sale phase closed on Indiegogo.

The equity crowdfunding campaign on Mamacrowd collects a big success and concludes it in March 2017 after five months with an increase of capital of 120.000 €.

In 2017 the increase of the production allows the closing pre-order phase guaranteeing all over the world the product in ready delivery.

To end year the firm wins the first Italian prize of OPEN Maker for the development of a new project of the range of the products Felfil: a domestic plastic shredder.

In 2019, we released Felfil Spooler, our filament winder, along with source code and technical drawings, following the open-source philosophy that has accompanied us since the first prototype of our extruder.

To complete the circle, in 2021 we released the Felfil Shredder in two power versions, to allow the shredding of waste and the beginning of the recycling process.

In 2022, we had many collaborations, thanks to which the Felfil recycling system reached many Italian schools, in the name of recycling and respect for the environment.

To close the year, we moved to a new, large and comfortable office, to allow us to develop all the ideas we have in mind for an increasingly sustainable future.

First Felfil Prototype


In July 2014 our founders obtain the master degree in Ecodesign, prototyping the first ever Felfil. It was made by recovered components and wood, an open source and DIY device. We presented this concept at the Rome Maker Faire where we obtain the Maker of Merit prize.

Kickstarter Campaign


After one full year of development the first Felfil Evo see the light! In September 2015, during the Rome Maker Faire, our Kickstarter campaign starts and thanks to 168 backer it succede. It was an amazing month, we sold over 100pcs all over the world but more importantly we decided to make a job out of it.

Felfil Srl


Our company was officially born in February 2016, we are welcomed in i3p - one of the most important startup incubator in Italy. In July we delivered our first product and after a few months we opened our e-commerce.

Mamacrowd Equity Campaign


Felfil Srl welcomes aboard some investors thanks to Mamacrowd, an equity crowdfunding platform. In the same year we start to work on Felfil Shredder because of the Open Maker project. So we developed the first prototype.

Felfil Spooler release


Felfil is selected for the accelerator program SocialFare, which is based on social impact. Meanwhile we worked very hard to develop Felfil Spooler, which will be released in July.

Felfil Shredder


Afters 4 years of development, even if not at full time, we present Felfil Shredder. The final product is really different from the first prototype we made in 2017 for the Open Maker contest, but all started there. Finally the loop is closed and recycling at home can become a reality.

New Headquarter


In the end of 2022 a new headquarter welcome Felfil and its team. After 7 years we left the i3p incubator, that we'll never stop to thank, and we selected our new home: a space of about 250mq with a big open space and a workshop area.