All the advantage of a filament extruder

In recent years, the use of 3D printing has grown exponentially, and depending on the project we are following, the choice of filament to use is increasingly central. The question we are asking ourselves today is: is it worth considering the purchase of an extruder? How advantageous is a filament extruder?


What is a filament extruder?

Let’s start with the basics, a filament extruder is a machine that allows us to create filament that can be used in 3D printing from virgin plastic pellets or plastic scrap for recycling.
In the case of the Felfil Evo extruder, we are talking about a desktop extruder; its dimensions are therefore small and allow us to work comfortably from our lab table or even at school desks. In addition to its low price compared to other industrial extruders, its small size makes maintenance easy.


OK, but how much can you save by using an extruder?

Calculating the average cost of a spool found on the market today and comparing the cost of the same quantity in plastic pellets, it is immediately obvious that the economic advantage is great. If we then consider the fact that the filament can also be made from waste materials, the convenience is even greater.
Of course, we must first calculate the cost of an extruder and decide what use we want to make of it. What are our needs? If we have a lot of waste from old prints, for example, a filament extruder could be an excellent tool that allows us to recycle and reuse waste materials, obtaining new filament at zero cost.


What are some other advantages?

Besides avoiding plastic waste by recycling waste or everyday objects, another big advantage is the customisation of filament.
Thanks to the extruder, it is possible to experiment with a wide range of materials, such as organic powders, metals and innovative polymers, offering endless possibilities for customisation and experimentation (for many of these experiments, in addition to the extruder, it is also necessary to have Felfil Spooler).


Felfil Evo filament makerrLet’s talk about Felfil Evo 

The filament extruder can be a tool that makes our work with 3D printing easier and simpler, but what are the features of Felfil Evo?

With Felfil Evo you can create filament in the two diameters most commonly used in 3D printing, the 1.75mm and the 2.85mm (simply by changing the nozzle).

The interface is very intuitive and makes the product easy to use.

You can manually set the correct temperature and speed for your material and start creating high-quality filament for your 3D printer.

The Felfil Evo’s tank can process from 25 g of material, allowing you to do even small test runs.

Which materials can be used? On our website you can find a section dedicated to ‘materials with already tested parameters. And if you want to experiment? Explore the world of extrusion and find the right parameters for your polymer. If you need advice, we are here! Write to us.


Still have doubts?