Coriano progetto scuola

3D printing for education recycle project: C=exT in Coriano

C = E x T is a program created by the Department of the Environment and Education of the Municipality of the Italian city of Coriano, in collaboration with the Green Money association and the contribution of the SGR Group about 3D printing for education recycle project.

“A new culture based on recycling and reuse of waste materials”


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    It is a project that involved the classes of the Schools of the Comprehensive Institute of Ospedaletto and Coriano with the aim of teaching students an ethical approach to the problem of waste, a new culture based on recycling and reuse of waste materials with 3D printing;

     Photo Credits: GreenMoney


    The plastic materials can be recovered and reconverted for a new use so Felfil Evo was used, together with a 3D printer and a shredder to reconstruct the perfect cycle of reuse in the classroom.

    3D printing education recycle project at school

    Education recycle projet. Photo Credits: GreenMoney

    Each student has had and will have the opportunity to use their own “energy” to transform and recycle plastic bottle caps into everyday objects such as pens or key rings printing with a 3D printer.

    In the first phase of the project, the guys got to know the machines and started collecting, grinding their caps and recreating the filament.


    The material used is completely non-toxic and safe: there are many preloaded files in open source platforms and are often used free online software  designed for school learning that can be found online for free;

    “The aim of this education recycle project is to demonstrate to young people that every waste can be transformed into a new object”


    This activity has aroused a lot of interest and enthusiasm both from students and teachers so much to transfer this experience to primary schools and schools for children.

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    Just to accompany students with an environmental and educational project, giving the opportunity for children to develop a solid environmental culture from an early age.

    In this way, they will learn that every material can be recovered and converted into something useful!

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