Download and install the latest Felfil Spooler firmware

We have recently released a new firmware update for Felfil Spooler: read below for the changelog and for how to update.


Felfil Spooler is the automatic system to automatically wind the filament extruded with Felfil Evo around a spool, making the process much simpler and more practical. Moreover, Felfil Spooler is equipped with an automatic control system of the filament diameter, to guarantee a constant thickness.

Click here to download the latest Felfil Spooler firmware.

Let’s see what the update brings and how to install it:

Full Changelog FelfilSpooler V1.4:
  • The Spooler now remember the Offset once set;
  • Smoother regulation in manual mode;
  • Various bug fixes.


Full Changelog FelfilSpooler V1.1:
  • Firmware version now shows on the screen at boot;
  • New boot procedure for setting up the distribution;
  • Unit of measure update:
    Distribution speed: from Millis() to Cm/min;
    Spooler speed: from Millis() to RPM;
  • Fixed bugs for distribution;
  • Fixed bug for Stats.


How to update:

1. Download the updated firmware and extract the folder on your computer.

2. Download and install the Arduino IDE. If you need help, we recommend that you take a look at the following guides:


3. Install the libraries. You can find them in the “libraries” folder placed inside folder where you extracted the firmware.
To install the libraries follow this guide.
Repeat the same procedure for all the libraries in the folder.

4. Open FelfilSpoolerFirmwareV1.1.ino. If you installed the IDE it will automatically open in the IDE.

5. Connect the Mini USB-USB A cable to Felfil Spooler (the port is in the upper part of the case), then connect the other end to your computer. Unplug Felfil Spooler from the power supply before inserting the USB cable.

6. We are almost ready to update the Spooler!

Go back to the Arduino IDE. You should find the firmware that you previously opened. Now do the following:

Select which board you are updating. In this case it is Arduino NANO:

Now select the processor on Felfil Spooler. Choose ATmega328P:

Important: if the programmer shows an error message, try to select the old Bootloader version – ATmega328P(Old Bootloader):

Now select the USB port where you plugged the Spooler to your computer:

Almost done! Now you just have to flash the updated Firmware. Click on the upload button to start:


How to solve possible issues with the LCD screen

Different production batches of Felfil Spooler may have different LCD panels. In case the screen is not readable after the update, we recommend repeating the procedure loading SpoolerFirmwareV1.1_OldLcd.ino version (you can find it in the firmware folder).


Click here to download the update and install it on your Felfil Spooler!