Our recycling project for schools are based on learning by doing, through which students can learn the potential of reuse and recycling applied to 3D printing.

Felfil at school

Felfil system is a filament extrusion system: it allows to recycle the plastic waste and transform it into filament spools suitable for 3D printers (the filament spools are comparable to the cartridges of traditional printers). It is a tool designed to be used by everyone, from experts to beginners: it is therefore great for students.


Through learning by doing, students can learn more about the potential of new technologies, in particular those related to digital fabrication, and become more aware of environmental issues.


The principles of 3D printing and extrusion are put into practice with interactive and practical lessons, which teach how to use different tools: 3D printers to create new objects, and the filament extruder to recycle domestic plastic waste. In this way, students can experience the circular process of printing and learn about recycling.


A fun and exciting new approach for students and teachers!

Watch how to convert bottle caps in 3D filament

Shred your material

You can use Felfil Shredder or a domestic blender to cut your wastes in small pieces

Extrude and colllect

Put the plastic scraps in Felfil Evo and make the filament

Print with it

Once collected the filament you can print with recycled material

Download some interesting project for your class!


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    Discover what you can do in your class with Felfil:

    La stampa 3D nelle scuole per progetti didattici

    3D Printing at School: 6 projects for educators and students.

    There are many Italian and international projects and companies that are working to build educational paths in e-learning platforms for teachers and students.


    Coriano progetto scuola

    3D printing fo education, recycle project C=eXT.

    C = E x T is a program created by the Department of the Environment and Education of the Municipality of the Italian city of Coriano about 3D printing for education recycle project.


    Every day we consume a large amount of plastic, so much waste even just for a yogurt-based breakfast gave us an idea: is it possible to recycle yogurt cups and turn them into new filament?

    Spoiler: yes, it’s possible! Here you can see how.


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    Primary School

    Felfil Evo is also accessible to little creatives!


    In fact, for younger students, laboratories or recycling project can be set up on the recycling of household plastic waste, thus developing critical knowledge on the problem of environmental impact.


    Stimulate your students’ imagination and let them have fun with group work!

    Middle and High School

    The Felfil Evo kits are perfect teaching tools for secondary schools.


    3D printing technologies add a practical dimension to the teaching of technical subjects: with Felfil Evo students can deepen their knowledge on printing materials and digital manufacturing.


    Have your students create different projects with the materials they realize!

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    Why choosing Felfil:

    Entrepreneurship ideas: Felfil started as a university project and then became a Startup. Sharing the experience can be an interesting starting point for the students (especially the older ones).

    Learn and recycle: with Felfil your students can learn how to turn a waste into a resource. For example, you can collect bottle caps and recycle them to create a new filament for 3D printers.

    Experiment: Felfil allows children to safely experiment with the extrusion of different materials, in order to create a personalized filament.

    Technique and practice: Felfil is also suitable for more technical experiences: it can become a tool to teach mechanical and electronic functions and to test the chemical and physical properties of plastic materials.

    3D printing waste circular economy system with felfil

    Circular Economy approach in your School!

    Make recycled filament for your 3D printers starting from common plastic waste such us yogurt vase or bottle caps, or recycle your old 3d printed models. As we all know plastic pollution is one of the biggest issue of our times, teaching to the new generation the correct approach is extremely important for our future.