Felfil Evo in primary education: it is a perfect tool to help children to understand the the importance of sustainability and recycle.

3D printing and the filament extruding principles with technical and interactive lessons help student to know how they can use a 3D printer and domestic plastic to recycle and create new custom stuffs.

Such activities inspire young minds and makes learning more fun.

With Felfil Evo and a 3D printer, the students could learn about 3D printing process. 


It introduces them to different polymers properties and their use. It can introduce also to digital manufacturing and design processes.

Primary School

Our desktop filament extruder makes the process affordable for your young creative learners.  

Felfil Evo can help students to develop conscience about the environmental impact of plastics and the importance of recycling and reusing household waste. Inspire your students, stimulate their imagination and have fun with teamworks.

Secondary School

Felfil Evo kits are fantastic teaching tools for secondary schools.

3D printing technology adds a practical dimension to classroom teaching techniques, enabling students of all ages to learn new concepts hands-on. They can learn about materials, and digital manufacturing. Let your students create their personal object with their custom material.



Download the file and keep in touch to know more about activities for you and your students.

Felfil Evo the best addition for your classroom activities

Felfil Evo filament extruder colored