Felfil Shredder


The most compact plastic shredder on the market, allows to crush your old 3d prints or your plastic wastes to close the loop of in-house recycling.

Technical Specifications

Physical Dimensions

Width                       323mm

Depth                       148mm

Height                      379mm

Weight                      12kg

Physical Dimensions

Hopper Capacity               2,6 L

Bin Capacity                      1,2 L

Power and Speed

240W Motor at 33Rmp. Process 1 kg in 30 minutes


Safety sensors prevents accidental starting/strong>


Shredded material ready to be extruded after 1 run


Advanced Sensor to automatically avoid jams


The Intellishredding Technology detects the material inside

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12 Super Strong Blades with different shredding profiles

All blades and the combs are made in stainless steel and totally replaceable.

Felfil Plastic Shredder is also very easy to use. Indeed the led indicates if the crusher is ready to start or not. At the same time if the the top flap is open or the binder is not inserted the software does’t allow to run the blades.


The smallest plastic shredder

Felfil Shredder is a plastic processor that allows to shred your old, failed 3D prints or plastic wastes. Our plastic shredder is very compact and easy to use: there is only one button to start shredding plastic.

The shredding cycle is completely automatic thanks to our Intellishredding Technology that avoids jams and stops to run when the hopper is empty. There are 2 security sensor to prevent the blades to run when the top flap is open or the bin is out of its place.

Felfil Shredder is very efficient, indeed the max consumption is 240W.

Start recycling your polymers and close the loop with Felfil Plastic Shredder

4 Profiles of Blades

Main Blade

Main Blade

The simplest blade in the shredder, it is designed to shred only in the main direction. Its simple profile make it strong and durable

Counter Blade

Counter Blade

This blade can shred the plastic in the main direction, while the counter spike allow them to move the material and shred it also during the counter rotation

Central Blade

Central Blade

Its scythe design allows the shredder to crush the biggest part. This blade is positioned in the center of the shredder in order to brake big plastic pieces.

Side Blade

Side Blade

The most complex blade in the shredder, it combines the design of the Central Blade with the Counter Blade. In order to, move, shred and crush the material.


Suitable for Many Materials

Thanks to its different shape blades, the Felfil plastic shredder can process different materials. We successfully tested: PLA, PETG, HDPE, PMMA, PET, PA-Carbon.


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