Exciting news: We finally have a new home!

We are happy to show you the new headquarters of Felfil S.r.l.!


For those who have been following us for many years, it will be repetitive to tell our story, but it’s where it all began: a specialization thesis through which we presented our extruder first prototype. The project was still in a development stage, wooden, totally DIY, open source and perfectly working.

From the beginning, great expectations and interest characterized our projects and the supporters who believed in what we were doing have reinforced this process. That was and still is the right path for us!

Even fresh-graduated, we were generously welcomed within the Incubation Program of the Polytechnic of Turin, which provided us with the tools and space required to be able to design and develop the products that you all know today.

The first office was a second home to us, we still have feelings of strong gratitude but now it’s time to move on and open up to new possibilities and adventures

For our new workplace, we have always chosen our city, Turin, that has accompanied us from the very first moment. In recent years, the growth has meant new necessities such as more space for all the future projects that we are thinking about as well.

You will be involved in the coming months. We look forward to it! So, stay tuned.

The new home that we found seems made for us, it has all the space eligible to develop new ideas and face new challenges from the extrusion word. We are customizing and adapting all the spaces to our needs and we are sure that  it will be perfect in the end. 

Surely, none of this would have been possible without the support shown over the years, so we are pleased to share with you our great goal.

Further details are still missing but we have just started to shape our new office! How does it look?


Do you have any questions for us?