FabLab and Makers

Make your creative ideas come true!


3D printing is an indispensable asset for makers and FabLabs, but also for the hobbyists or business, because allows creative to experiment almost everything.

With Felfil Evo you do all at an higher level, creating customized or recycled filament and saving money and the environment.

The Felfil Evo kits are made to let you build by yourself a filament extruder and print with different kind of plastic materials.

FabLab and Makerspace

3D printing has an amazing way of enabling minds to make something fresh and innovative, exactly the same attributes as Fablabs and Makerspaces.

Although this creative process builds many wastes, such as support part or failed prints, with Felfil Evo it is possible to recycle wastes and create recycled filament: perfect for saving money and protecting the environment.

Architectural and Modeling

Are you an architect or a miniature collector? Well, imagine if you could create your projects with your special and unique material.

With Felfil Evo you can do this, reproducing your scale model with the highest personalization level. You could make different building in different colors and materials, exactly how you imagined them.

Small Production

Using Felfil Evo you will show to your clients more options about materials and colors for their prints.

You will save money on the materials, building only the quantity you need of the selected ones: less stock, less wastes. Fast prototyping has never been so customizable.





You will receive an email with all these documents:


all the technical drawings of Felfil Evo Basic Kit

an easy solution to complete the Basic Kit with Arduino

3D models of the project 100% 3D printable