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Creating projects in the world of 3D printing accumulates a lot of wastes that are often thrown away.
With Felfil products you can create the filament starting from plastic wastes or the material you prefer, saving money and respecting the environment.

How can you customize your filament?


Different types of materials can be added and mixed in the extrusion process, allowing you to experiment and make a 100% unique and customized filament.
With the Felfil recycling system you can shred, extrude and spool filament with your scraps or using different types of materials, even with powders of organic elements.

Pumpkin filament

Halloween 3D filament: how to make pumpkin filament!

For this experiment we wanted to create an innovative material for 3d printing and so we tried to extrude a filament with waste of pumpkin peel!


Discover how to create coffee based filament for 3D printing.

We want to show you how to use Felfil Evo to make colored (and aromatic!) filament for 3D printing using a mixture of coffee powder and PLA. The “recipe” is simple.



Recycling with Felfil Evo from plastic caps to 3D printing filament.

Have you ever thought that even plastic bottles caps can be transformed into filament for 3D printers? And thanks to our products, it is not that difficult.


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Video tutorial

Follow our tutorial for maintenance and settings

Do you know that Felfil Evo is an Open Source project?

We wanted our idea to be accessible to as many people as possible and that’s why we left our Open Source project: anyone can download the materials, source codes and printed parts.
We also know how rewarding or essential it is to self-build the machinery and in this way you are free to build and modify our extruder at will.
The goal is to create an extruder system that allows you to reduce waste and to save economically, making only the quantity of filament you need.
The Felfil system has been designed for domestic use and for laboratories or companies, thanks to its small size it adapts perfectly to small spaces such as a simple desk.

Get the project to complete the Basic Kit using Arduino

What’s inside?

You will receive an email with all these documents:


  • all the technical drawings of Felfil Evo Basic Kit
  • an easy solution to complete the Basic Kit with Arduino
  • 3D models of the project 100% 3D printable

    What they say about us

    FabLab and Makerspace

    3D printing has an amazing way of enabling minds to make something fresh and innovative, exactly the same attributes as Fablabs and Makerspaces.

    Although this creative process builds many wastes, such as support part or failed prints, with Felfil Evo it is possible to recycle wastes and create recycled filament: perfect for saving money and protecting the environment.

    Architectural and Modeling

    Are you an architect or a miniature collector? Well, imagine if you could create your projects with your special and unique material.

    With Felfil Evo you can do this, reproducing your scale model with the highest personalization level. You could make different building in different colors and materials, exactly how you imagined them.

    Small Production

    Using Felfil Evo you will show to your clients more options about materials and colors for their prints.

    You will save money on the materials, building only the quantity you need of the selected ones: less stock, less wastes. Fast prototyping has never been so customizable.

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