Felfil Evo for the Wrocław University of Science and Technology

One of the best features of Felfil Evo is that it can be used to test new types of filament for 3D printing, that are different from those buyable in traditional shops. For this reason, it is often used for research purposes.

We already covered how a modded version of Felfil Evo was used by the Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm) to extrude filament for biomedical applications under an inert atmosphere; now, let’s discover how it was employed by another important academic institution, the Wrocław University of Science and Technology in Poland.

We had the pleasure to talk to Daria Podstawczyk, one of the members of the research team that is working with our filament extruder, and we could ask her some questions.

Daria, can you please explain more about your research?
My team is working on thermoplastic polymer filaments which possess antibacterial properties due to the incorporation of metal nanoparticles. The filament may be useful for manufacturing medical devices and equipment as well as toys and food containers. One of the ideas is to print exchangeable and recyclable water installation fittings with higher resistance to biofilm.

Why did you choose our product?
The extruder market was very small at that time, and the ones that were reliable were very expensive. Your device has a reasonable price and a nice look. I also liked the fact that you had just started your own business (start-up) and the idea was (still is) great.

Is Felfil Evo useful for your purpose?
It is a very good device for laboratory-scale research on extrusion of a new type of filament.

Which materials have you tested with Felfil Evo?
We have already used PLA and ABS. We are also starting working with PCL.

The research by Daria and her team is still going on – they will share their results soon. If you are intested in discovering how Felfil Evo could be used for different researches, click the link below!

Want you to experiment new polymers to create your filament? Do it with Felfil Evo, discover how!