Felfil Evo

Hi makers,

Here we are reaching the third episode of our blog dedicated to the development of Felfil, a long path that we decided to share with you, in order to talk abot the project, but also as a source of insights into the world of DIY, of makers and opendesign.

After the well-deserved, and very short, summer holidays we went back to that “wonderful blast furnace” like someone called Turin in August. Despite the heat, however, the works around Felfil Evo are proceeding smoothly.

As you know Felfil Evo is the evolution of our Felfil, being designed from the outset to be sold to a small audience, without altering a product that gave us a lot of satisfaction and the technical executive have been downloaded for free from more than 400 people.

400 crazy that we would like to thank one by one for their invaluable support, and then we’ll try not to disappoint in the next months.

Currently Felfil Evo (of which you can have a preview to this address https://felfil.com/felfilevo-filament-extruder/ ) is 90% complete and as soon as possible we are going to start the first tests to evaluate new components installed. What will change compared to Felfil DIY and open that we have known so far?


First of all our users will find a completely renovated electonics, we decided to sey goodbye to the old and very reliable PID replacing it with an Arduino board that our super-expert Ale Severini is planning with all his passion. The reason for this change is very simple, we want Felfil as possible user friendly and, at the same time, providing for an extensive experimentation.

With Arduino we can see on a screen the most important information, use pre-set extrusion already tested by users or create our based on the material that will put into the extruder. This choice we can make much deeper experience with Felfil , making it a better machine.

But the news does not end here! We will have a new engine, an innovative hopper, a modified internal structure, a new type of heater. In short, we have done a great job in the aim to ensure a great quality at an accessible prices.

About these top-secret news we will talk in more detail in future posts. So you just need to continue to follow us, not only from Felfil.com but also through our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/collettivo.cocomeri.design.maker ) and our twitter profile (https : //twitter.com/CCocomeri ).

Please, follow us and share the project with your friends. It costs nothing but is the best way to support us. Also in view of our crowdfunding campaign…How? You did not know? Soon you’ll have more detail, it’s a promise!

An open embrace to all.