Felfil Shredder+: a New Version for Better Shredding

Introducing Felfil Shredder+


With the launch of our Felfil Shredder in 2021, the “in-house” recycling process of printing waste or small plastic objects finally took shape. Over the years, just like with all Felfil products, we have quietly made small updates based on user feedback. However, we have now decided to create a completely updated version of the Felfil Shredder. This version features a series of modifications and improvements designed to offer better performance and greater versatility. In this article, we will explore the key innovations introduced in Felfil Shredder+ and their impact on plastic material shredding.


8mm Comb

One of the most significant changes is the adoption of a second 8mm comb instead of the previous 4mm one. This modification aims to optimize the shredding process, allowing for higher shredding speed and better resistance. With the increased comb size, Felfil Shredder+ can handle a wide range of plastics, including stiffer and more resistant materials. This expansion of material options opens up new opportunities for 3D printing enthusiasts and those seeking sustainable solutions.

Cutting Blade Upgrade

Cutting blades are at the heart of the shredding process, and in Felfil Shredder+, they have undergone a significant upgrade. The new blade design allows for greater efficiency in reducing plastic materials into smaller fragments. This improved precision not only optimizes shredder performance but also helps obtain higher-quality recycled materials, ready to be reused for extrusion. This change also positively impacts shredding speed.

Spacers Improvement

Another crucial element that has been improved is the spacers in the cutting chamber. In Felfil Shredder+, the spacers have been specially designedto ensure an optimal distance between the blades, thus improving shredding capacity and overall system durability. Compared to the previous ones, they have an increased outer diameter, bringing them level with the blades. This allows for quicker cleaning, preventing plastic pieces from getting stuck between blades.

Environmental Benefits and Sustainability

The transition to the new Felfil Shredder not only offers performance benefits but also environmental sustainability. The ability to process a wider variety of plastic materials and produce smaller fragments contributes to a more sustainable lifecycle for plastic materials. Reducing plastic waste through recycling and 3D printing is an important step towards a greener future.


You can preorder the new Felfil Shredder+ version at special price until June 15th. All orders will be shipped in July.


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