Felfil Spooler+

The best filament winder
for your extruder

Extrusion has never been easier.

The best way to make your filament


Felfil Spooler automatically collect the filament into the spool while calibrating it. 

A new filament winder

Thanks to Felfil Spooler+, the filament that you extrude will be automatically spooled. The system is very simple: place Felfil Evo, the fans and Felfil Spooler one beside the other, make sure that the filament that you extrude passes through the supports, and let it begin to spool.

In addition to the convenience of not having to manually wrap the filament, which means you will operate more quickly, with this system you will have an even higher quality extrusion. Indeed Felfil Spooler is equipped with a filament diameter controller that will guarantee a more constant filament thickness and will automatically calibrate your filament.

Felfil Spooler+ has automatic settings for the most common material, but it can also be used in manual mode for experimental materials. Moreover, the distributions allows to distribute the filament on the spool and the clutch does not stretch it; four fans, which airflow is adjustable, cool down the filament before misure it.

Felfil Spooler allows to use almost any type of spool thanks to its design.

Technical Specifications

Physical Dimensions

Width                       348mm

Depth                       150mm

Physical Dimensions

Height                      175mm

Weight                      3,5kg


Diameter sensor accuracy is 10 micron


It can work stand alone with other extruders


The diameter range is between 0.5mm and 3.5mm


The puller wheel can spin to max 9Rpm


Felfil Spooler adjusts its speed according to the diameter

What’s New in Felfil Spooler+

New Electronic Board

We developed a new dedicated board for Felfil Spooler. It is more compact and easier to install.

New Spool Motion

The spool can rotate with more power and it’s more fluid. This helps to get better spooled filament.

Improved Design

Thanks to an upgraded design Felfil Spooler+ is more stable, and give easy access to the main board.

Quieter than ever

Silent like a ninja, the noise is only 30db during usage.

Easy Maintenance

The electronic board is easier to reach thanks to the back yellow lid.


It can work with other extruder

Diameter Range

From 0.5mm to 3mm

High Precision

Sensor accuracy 10 micron


Available for PLA, ABS and PETG

Stat Voice

See how many meters you produced

Manual Mode

Make your custom material with your settings


All the Spooler project is open


It can works with many type of standard spools

Complete your extruding system with Felfil Spooler+


The traverse speed it adjustable according to the flow of the extruder, and the dimension of your own spool. Moreover, a clutch allows to not stretch the filament, guaranteeing better results

In this way the extruded filament will be distributed neatly: don’t worry about tangles.


Felfil Spooler integrates a high accuracy diameter sensor (10 micron accuracy) which allows you to control the diameter constantly during the extrusion process. Moreover, its software automatically adjusts the puller speed in order to guarantee a high consistency filament.

The puller wheels are made in soft urethane (50 shore). As a result, you can use them with both filament size without pressing the filament.

Start making your filament

with Felfil System