Felfil Spooler


The ideal support
for your Felfil Evo


Extrusion has never been easier.



Felfil Spooler completes our system and allows you to extrude easily and with better results.

Extrusion has never been easier!

Thanks to Felfil Spooler, the filament that you extrude will be automatically spooled. The system is very simple: place Felfil Evo, the fans and Felfil Spooler one beside the other, make sure that the filament that you extrude passes through the supports, and let it begin to spool.

In addition to the convenience of not having to manually wrap the filament, which means you will operate more quickly, with this system you will have an even higher quality extrusion: Felfil Spooler is equipped with a filament diameter control system, and will guarantee a constant filament thickness and will automatically calibrate your filament.

Presets for the most common materials are available, but it can also be used in custom mode for experimental materials. The distributions allow to distribute the filament and the clutch does not stretch it; four fans, which power is adjustable, cool down the filament before misure it.

Felfil Spooler can be used with almost any type of spool thanks to its design.



Once the filament is attached to the spool it starts running


Suitable for 1.75mm and 2.85mm


Up to +/- 0,05mm


Available for PLA, ABS and PETG

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The traverse automatically adjusts its speed according to the extrusion flow, and the clutch does not stretch the filament, guaranteeing better results.

In this way the extruded filament will be distributed neatly: don’t worry about tangles.

You can adjust the traverse travel in order to fit your spool width (max travel 100mm).


Felfil Spooler integrates a high accuracy diameter sensor (0,01mm accuracy) which allows you to control the diameter constantly during the extrusion process. Its software automatically adjusts the puller speed in order to guarantee a high consistency filament.

The puller wheels are made in soft urethane (50 shore). They are suitable for both filament size and don’t press the filament.