Felfil System: 5 tips to get the most out of extrusion

Felfil System makes filament extrusion within everyone’s reach. However, to get the most out of our system we recommend to use a few tips: below we have collected some very important ones.


With Felfil System users can independently create the filament for their 3D prints. There are two main advantages: first, the system supports a wide range of materials. In fact it’s possible to produce filament starting from plastic waste, failed 3D prints or even test completely innovative materials and polymers. Moreover, it’is very easy to start extruding.

While the extrusion is intuitive, it is possible to highly improve the quality by using some small tricks, “tips & tricks” that allow you to get the most out of our system. Below we have collected five that we believe are among the most useful.


1) Dry the material

Perhaps not everyone knows that many polymers tend to absorb moisture. The amount of moisture absorbed and the results vary depending on the polymer, but when you know what we are working with it’s easy to find the drying parameters in the data sheet. However, when you have doubts, or we are using recycled material that may have been stored for some time, drying it is always recommended.
There are several solutions to carry out this procedure, the simplest and cheapest is to rely on a food-grade dryer.

2) Experiment with the nozzle

Although it is always recommended to use the standard nozzle for the desired output, in some cases it is possible to improve the extrusion by using the 2.85 mm nozzle also for the 1.75 mm filament.
This procedure can only be done if you use Felfil Spooler and allows you to have faster extrusion and to maintain tolerance for certain materials. This is a trick we recommend when you often use the same material and want to increase the volume. Unfortunately, the result of this procedure is not guaranteed with all materials, which is why we recommend this only to experienced users.

3) Customize your Felfil EVO

There are some simple addons that you can do to your Evo. Just to name a few, you can mount a larger hopper so as to work with larger quantities of material or, if you work with expensive materials and want to minimize accumulation on the bottom, try the tank designed for research laboratories! Here you can find the models to download and print.

4) Customize Felfil Spooler for your spools

Felfil Spooler is manufactured and shipped with a standard length spool holder designed to fit the largest number of spools. If the coil you want to use does not fit in the holder you can download these adapters!

5) Always work safely

Don’t forget safety! The extrusion uses plastic materials that can be dangerous. So, always use precautions: it’s better to place Felfil System in a well ventilated place. Furthermore, the working temperatures are very high, so use the right PPE to avoid unpleasant accidents.

These are, of course, just some of the basic tips. Experience is still the most important factor in improving extrusion quality. For more tips on using the Felfil System, to know more about how we built the system or to find new ideas for experimenting with different materials, have a look to the Tech Corner section on our blog.

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