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Five tips to work safety with an extruder

How to work safety with an extruder? Extruding plastic materials may seem like a really easy process, but in order to extrude safely you need to pay attention to some basic steps that make the process much faster and safer.

Working with high temperatures and plastic materials can be dangerous, for this reason it is important to work in a safe environment.

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Here is a small guide of 5 tips to be able to work safety with the extruder:


  1. Choose the right work environment

Make sure you have the space you need to work safely. To extrude you need a horizontal workspace that is free from potentially dangerous obstructions. It is an activity to be carried out carefully and in a suitable space. Our filament extruder set need about only 0,5 square meter to work properly.


  1. Get tweezers

Once the hot filament begins to come out of the extruder, the tweezers can be the right tool to help you channel the filament inside the cooling fans and consequently in the spooler system. The tweezers can also help you unlock the extruder nozzle in case of blockage.


  1. Wear gloves during the procedure

The filament extrusion process requires the use of high temperatures and the use of heat-resistant gloves is an indispensable tool for our safety, especially if you are managing the nozzle or the extrusion barrel.


  1. Make sure you have good ventilation in the room

The fusion of plastic substances requires good ventilation of the room in which we work, in order not to risk breathing too many substances harmful to our body. So, open your window or use a fume extractor while extruding.


  1. Pay attention to the current of the boards during maintenance

If you need to do maintenance on the extruder, remember not to touch the electronic boards inside the machine when they are powered by current.


That’s it, you are now ready to safely extrude! Always remember to follow these small and simple tips that can make a difference in terms of safety!


Before concluding, we still leave you these last two tips to extrude in an even easier and faster way:



Dry your material

Make sure you dry the material well, removing all moisture. The material you have decided to extrude must be completely dry in order to obtain a good filament.

Get some extra nozzles

The nozzle is the final part of the extruder, with which you can choose the 3D diameter of your filament. There are different sizes and it is always useful to have extra nozzles. Sometimes the nozzle gets stuck and it can be annoying to waste time to reset the machine. Having extra nozzles you will certainly not have problems slowing down your work!

We hope these tips can help you in your work, write to us for any doubts! Good work!



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