Focus on Felfil System: read all the main Case Studies

Since it was born, Felfil System has been used in many projects: we collected the most interesting in a PDF document. Download it at the bottom of the article for free!


Since we designed it in 2015, Felfil Evo has been used in a myriad of research projects. If the first prototypes had been designed primarily as a domestic tool to recycle wrong 3D prints and turn them into new filament, subsequent developments led Felfil Evo to become much more than a tool intended only for the enthusiast.

Thanks to its design, Felfil Evo includes all the advantages of traditional filament extruders (sustainability, possibility to customize the filament and savings for the end user) and is particularly suitable to test various materials and innovative polymers: the small size of the tank allows to test small quantities of material from time to time, leading to great advantages in terms of time and costs.

Afterwards, not long ago we produced Felfil Spooler to complete our system, making the extrusion even easier.

Given that the system has been used in many interesting projects, we thought of collecting the best in the downloadable document at the bottom of the article. It includes a brief introduction to filament extruders as a whole and some of the most interesting case studies where Felfil Evo was the protagonist.

For instance, Felfil Evo has been used in the biomedical field (to experiment with new materials to be used as prostheses in mastectomy cases), in schools (to raise students’ awareness in a practical way on the importance of recycling plastic materials) and scientific research (to recreate a 3D printed copy of an ancient Roman artifact!).

The potential of 3D printing is huge, and Felfil Evo is a useful tool to take full advantage of it: download the document below for free to learn more about these projects and many more!


Download Felfil Case Histories