Create Your Filament With Felfil Filament Extrusion System


The complete filament extrusion system

Felfil System is the most compact filament extrusion system on the market. It allows to produce the filament for your 3D printing starting from virgin pellet or shredded recycled materials.
This system is a full setup that includes everything that is needed to develop and produce filament for any FDM 3D printer, it includes:


  • Felfil Evo, a single screw filament extruder with a specifically designed bronze nozzle.


  • Felfil Spooler, an automatic filament winder.


  • Felfil Shredder, a small but strong plastic shredder able to crush failed 3D prints or plastic waste.


Thanks to Felfil Extrusion System you will be able to test your new designed polymer, turning your concept polymer to a finished project without lead time.

You already have an extruder? Don’t worry each machine can work stand alone!

What you can do with Felfil System

Recycle your Wastes

Use failed 3D prints or plastic waste to create your filament. You can shred your old prints and create recycled filament directly on your desktop.

Research and Development

Develop your material in-house saving money and time. You can use only 50 grams of polymer to start your experiment with a very low time testing results.

Make your Material

Experiment with compounds, additives or powders. Make custom 3D filament mixing standard material with any kind of powders, even metal or organic.


Multi Materials

PLA - ABS - PETG and more

Our extrusion system is suitable for many different materials, form the common ones to composite.

Extrusion speed

from 1.15 m/minute

It depends form the material you are extruding, but you can regulate the rpm speed from 1 to 9.

Diameter Range

from 0.5mm to 3mm Ø

Calibrate filament of your needed size thanks to the Felfil Spooler measure and calibration system.



You can choose form two different versions: 250°C or  300°C.  Anyway 250°C covers many polymers.


10 micron

An high precision sensor measures the filament produced while the software adjusts its diameter.

Extrusion screw

Specifically made screw

It is made in steel and has a conic profile in order to improve the materials compression with 12,7 l/d ratio

Felfil System workflow in 3 minutes

The setup of the Felfil System is really easy it can be done in a few minutes.

Watch the video to understand the very first notions about our filament extrusion system, see how it works and the main reasons to have it. In this video we show how to recycle PETG old prints.

Felfil Bundle description


Both, Felfil Evo Filament Extruder and Felfil Spooler, were developed including industrial and high quality component.

Indeed, the extrusion screw is made in K100 Steel with a conic profile in order to guarantee a good compression rate; the nozzle is specifically made in bronze and includes a  passive cooling system to cool down the filament immediately. The high torque gearmotor allows to extrude a vary high range of materials thanks to its 23N/m torque.

Felfil Spooler uses an high precision sensor to measure the filament, and two puller wheels made in a soft polyurethane allows to pull the extruded filament without compress it.

Get Your Desktop Filament Factory


Felfil Shredder

Shred your material easily

Felfil Shredder is a plastic processor that allows to shred your old, failed 3D prints or plastic wastes. Our mini shredder is very compact and easy to use, indeed you can place it in every desktop: there is only one button to start shredding plastic.

The shredding cycle is completely automatic thanks to our Intellishredding Technology that avoids jams and stops to run when the hopper is empty. There are 2 security sensor to prevent the blades to run when the top flap is open or the bin is out of its place.

Felfil Shredder is very efficient, indeed the max consumption is low, but the torque is very high: 36Nm.

Felfil Evo

The Perfect Match for your 3D Printer

Felfil Evo can work also alone. It is a small single screw 3d printer filament extruder, indeed, its compact design and small dimensions are suitable for every desktop.

It can produce 3d printing filament in both size 1.75mm and 2.85mm changing the nozzle. A custom PCB based on Arduino makes its interface intuitive and easy to use. Using Felfil Evo it is possible to make filament from virgin material, or by recycling plastic wastes or chopped wrong prints.

Felfil Spooler

Easier way to extrude

Thanks to Felfil Spooler, the filament that you extrude will be automatically spooled. It is equipped with a high precision – 10 micron – filament diameter control system that allows to automatically calibrate the filament controlling the puller wheels.

This filament winder set includes also a fan array with 4 radial fan which allows to cool down the filament before the measure point. It is suitable for many different materials and sizes from 0,5mm to 3mm diameter.

With Felfil Spooler you can monitoring in real time diameter output and extrusion speed.

Tested materials


This material is the most used in 3D printing, it allows to obtain a good surface especially for smooth or detailed parts.


Low-density polyethylene is a polymer used in many different types of packaging. This materials could recycled in FDM 3D printing.


PETG has a smooth surface finish, and is water resistance. It had great thermal characteristics, allowing the plastic to cool efficiently.


Thermoplastic elastomer, is a category of rubberlike plastics that are helpful for anything that needs impact or vibration resistance.


PA12 Nylon is a strong polymer, used in 3D printing for finished products of functional mechanical prototypes.


It has excellent mechanical properties, ABS is a good choice for functional prototypes or finished products.


It is a dissolvable support material that is commonly used with ABS. It can be dissolved in d-Limonene.


HDPE is commonly recycled and resists to many different solvents and has a wide variety of applications.


The perfect choice to prototype thermal resistance components. PC is mostly used for lighings.


Low density, electrical and thermal resistance: those are the main characteristics of PP filaments.


It is a soluble materiale, often used as support material for complex geometry prototypes.


Semi flexible material, chemically resistant to many industrial product. It guarantee a good layer adhesion.

Felfil Recycling Bundle  – from 2699 € 

With Model 750  – Lead time 6 weeks.

With Model 500  – Lead time 6 weeks.


Create your recycled filament with the complete Felfil system: Shredder, Evo extruder and Spooler will bring a recycling factory right at your desktop. Shred your old and wrong 3D prints, your plastic wastes or chop your custom filament, then extrude it and close the recycling loop.