felfil evo basic kit shipping

Great new, Felfil Evo shipments are starting!

It’s already been two years since the Felfil project started, many things have changed, the project has evolved and our team has learned many new things.

But one step at a time, hold on and news are coming…

The novelty is that the Felfil Evo Basic Kit are finally ready, while I’m writing we are packing and dividing them following your requests.

But the thought we would like to share with you today fall outside of the production latest news. Today we tell you a bit of what happened us in these two years, the results obtained and those missed, problems found and great satisfaction received.

We chose this occasion because the shimpents beginning is one of those key moments that, from the beginning, have marked the development of Felfil as a product and as startup. This is the third fundamental step we have faced; the first was the first Felfil release, which also coincided with our master degree graduation in Ecodesign. The second major step was the Kickstarter campaign (thanks to all againg) that allowed us to start the small production and approach a little ‘closer to our dream: to get to deliver a product designed in ecodesing perspective, open source, and that it could be fully supported from below. And today the dream of these three young designer is a little closer to realization.

But, we told you that we also spoke of unfulfilled results and problems that we stumbled on during the development of Felfil Evo. First of all, unfortunately, we are late; we had expected to deliver in May 2016, and to date have only prepared the Basic Kit, for this reasene we apologize to all those who supported us. The causes of this delay are varied.

As you know, we decided to develop a custom PCB for Felfil Evo in order to upgrade the product quality, this was for us more complex than expected and over the days of the electronics development we had to also review some of our supplier.

Another factor of the delay is due to the high number of stress tests on Felfil Evo, to ensure that the product is completely reliable with over five hundred hours of testing performed on different configurations of Felfil Evo.

But today we are proud of this little big announcement and we tell you with enthusiasm because, looking back two years ago, we were only one of three designers team with so many great ideas and really want to do. But now that we had to deal with problems that seemed bigger than us and we have learned to deal with them, we can say thank you because this possibility we must above all to you.

Thank you so much