Felfil system

How does the Felfil System help you to be more sustainable?

Our story…

The idea of ​​our project was born during our university course of EcoDesign at the Polytechnic of Turin and, since the beginning, the goal has been to develop products that allow to recycle all plastic waste in order to create new material: this is the first step to implement a circular economy system where every waste represents a precious resource.

The evolution of the linear economy model is a circular economy model, developed to tackle the problem of pollution. It lays its foundations on the three “R”:

  • Reduce the impact of waste on the environment;
  • Recycle, giving new life to waste;
  • Reuse to increase the life cycle of the product.

3D printing waste circular economy system with felfil

How the Felfil system can favor the circular economy process


The reasons why we decided to develop our recycling system is the reduction of waste and the impact that plastic has on the environment.

Our Felfil Evo extruder was born from the curiosity of experimentation and the passion for 3D printing, and we immediately recognized the great potential.

Thanks to the extrusion process it is possible to transform any type of plastic waste into new filament, for a finite number of times.

To complete the project, after Felfil Evo, we also built Felfil Spooler and Felfil Shredder, the filament winder and the shredder.

Our complete system allows you to start from plastic scraps that are shredded, extruded and transformed into a new spooled filament.

As a company, we are also committed to reducing our environmental impact by using carbon neutral shipments, packing products with FSC-certified cardboard and making machinery components repairable, so you don’t have to replace the entire appliance in case of breakage.

We know that these are just small gestures but we want to use all the tools at our disposal for giving a contribution to the reduction of plastic waste in the world.

Did you already know something about us? Are you using our system?