How to unlock Felfil Evo in case the extrusion gets stuck

When we designed Felfil Evo, we wanted to create a domestic extruder capable of supporting a wide range of materials. In fact, Felfil Evo can extrude both the most common plastic materials, such as PLA and ABS, and less common polymers (Nylon, HDPE). It also supports experimental materials, that may be used for research purposes. For example, we had fun extruding filament made up of a part of coffee or colored with different pigments.

Whatever use is made of Felfil Evo, sometimes the extrusion might stop due to a chunk of material in the chamber. Following our guide to extrusion and working with the most common materials certainly helps to reduce the frequency of blocks, but they can still occur. So, it is useful to know how to proceed to resolve the inconvenience in the shortest possible time.


How to unlock Felfil Evo by yourself

If you are trying to extrude but the filament does not come out from the nozzle the material is almost certainly blocked, due to the presence of a chunk inside the melting chamber that blocks the passage of new filament.

If this happens, we suggest you do the following procedure.


  • First you need to empty the hopper, turn off the machine and let it cool: Felfil Evo, in fact, operates at high temperatures. In this way the extrusion is interrupted.
  • Next, position Felfil Evo on a slightly inclined surface, with the nozzle downwards.
  • Now turn on the extruder and set the temperature to 250 ° C.
  • Finally, start the engine at 7rpm and check if the filament comes out correctly.


If after a few minutes the material starts to come out of the nozzle, the problem has been solved. Otherwise the machine must be opened (using gloves).

We suggest you do this way:

  • Remove the upper case by removing the 4 hexagonal screws;
  • Remove the upper hopper and the insulation material;
  • Remove the two screws that fix the structural strip to the lower body;
  • Remove the cables connected to the motor;
  • Slightly rotate the extruder case;
  • Unscrew the four screws that close the motor on the structural strap;
  • Heat Felfil Evo up to 230°C;
  • Remove the engine by pulling towards you. You will have to use a bit of strength because the plastic inside will exert resistance;
  • At this point you can turn off the machine and let it cool;
  • Remove excess material from both the chamber and the screw using a screwdriver and pliers;
  • Reassemble everything following the manual.


Need further support?



At this point, if the procedure has been followed correctly, it is possible to extrude again in the normal way. In case of problems or difficulties, you can contact us for assistance.

Now, let’s make your own filament!