Introducing the New 3d Upgrade Section for Felfil System!

At Felfil we are always looking for ways to improve our products and make the extrusion and 3D printing experience even better. That’s why we are excited to announce the launch of the new 3D Printable Upgrade section of the website, where you can download and 3D print small items that can personalise your Felfil system!


What customizations are we talking about?

In the list of files ready to be downloaded we find 3D printable spools, a small hopper for Felfil Evo needed to extrude with powders, a sieve to divide the flakes ready for extrusion and those needing a second shredding and many other interesting tools.


Thanks to the small printable modifications, extrusion and shredding processes can be transformed and adapted to specific projects. If, for example, we have to extrude a large amount of material, it can be convenient to have a larger hopper, so that we can let the machine work for a longer time.


How convenient would it be to have all the files in one place?

Easy and accessible to everyone. This was our goal, and we therefore created a section of the site, accessible from the main “resources” menu, which immediately leads to “3D printable upgrades”. On the new page that opens we find all downloadable upgrades.
Having a big community is always a huge advantage, and in this case our ally Thingiverse was fundamental: we collected customisations posted by users, along with those we have designed over the years.

Customization makes many more projects possible, adapting the machines to different processes as required. With small modifications, the Felfil System is ready for different experiments with different materials.
We are curious to see how you will use these upgrades and look forward to continuing to grow and improve together.

And you, will you download our Felfil System upgrades for free?


Do you have any questions?