Micro Spool

Micro 3D Printable Spool: it can hold up to 250gr

One of the advantages in owing a filament extruder for 3D printing is the chance to produce exactly the quantity of filament you need when you need it.

You won’t have to extrude a full roll of filament, usually a 1Kg spool, if you don’t need to print a big project or many objects with the same material but just the quantity you need. Ok, maybe a little more in order to avoid to replicate the entire process if something goes wrong during the print.

With Felfil Evo you will be able to start extruding with about just 50gr of material with the standard hopper (only 25 grams If you download the small hopper from here) , doesn’t matter if you are using industrial pellet, shredded wastes or the high-end experimental compound you just design specifically for your project. Decide the quantity you need and start making your own filament!

Of course, like any others filaments you need to collect and stock them properly. Just store up the result of your experimentation in free coils couldn’t be a great idea, since in this way your filaments will easily produce tangles that will be very hard to manage especially with fragile filaments. On the same way stocking many big spools with small quantity of filament will be inconvenient in particular if your laboratory/workshop is not very large.


Micro Spool

For this reason, and since most of you asked us for a solution, we designed a micro-spool that perfectly fit our Felfil Spooler and is able to carry about 150gr of filament. Moreover, it is fully 3D printable and easy to customize if needed. You will only need to print two times the same G-code and assemble the parts with the help some glue.


Micro spool


A main part of the project is related to the printing setting, since sometimes you could need to dry your filament, we recommend to avoid solid layers for top and bottom in order to obtain an almost hollow surface that will allow dry air to make its job. While to make your spool sturdy enough increase the number of perimeters, with 0.2mm layer definition we used six perimeters but this number may change according to your printer and printing settings.

So, download here your new micro spool ready to be sliced and printed, hope you can enjoy this short project since we found it also surprisingly cute!