New Upgrade: we are happy to present you Spooler +

After months of testing and improvements, we are happy to finally present to you the upgrade we are most proud of: Felfil Spooler+.

As you all know, Felfil Spooler is our filament winder that has been with us in the world of extrusion for years, carefully calibrating and winding the filaments extruded by Felfil Evo. We constantly work to improve and perfect every one of our products, so we asked ourselves: can we do something to further improve the performance of Felfil Spooler? After careful study and testing, Felfil Spooler+ was born, and we couldn’t wait to show it to you!

What’s new?

Felfil Spooler+ is an upgrade that maintains the basic structure of our winder, which was already a winner in the first version. The innovations lie in the distribution, electronics, and some small general improvements.

Specifically, we have:

  • New electronic board, specifically developed for Spooler+.
  • New Spool Motion, which allows the spool to rotate with more force and fluidity.
  • New Design, is not just to make it more beautiful.
  • More silent, the noise is only 30db during movements.

spooler+ spooler+ lid

Felfil Spooler+ is easy to maintain; the electronic board is easy to reach and allows for easy and quick updates.

The touch of yellow on the back of the case, in addition to making our Spooler+ more attractive, makes the electronic board easily accessible.


How can I upgrade my Spooler to Spooler+?

If you already own a Spooler, of course, you won’t be left without an upgrade, don’t worry. We have also thought of this. All design improvements are 3D printable for free. All files are at your disposal, and in just a few hours, you too can renew the look of your Spooler by printing the black and yellow case.



Regarding the electronic board, we have put the new PCB on our store, available for purchase immediately. Once received, the new firmware will be available for free in the updates section of our website.

Felfil Spooler+ is now available for purchase on our e-commerce, are you ready to discover it?

We hope you like this upgrade as much as we do and we look forward to receiving feedback soon. At Felfil, we try to provide our customers with the best possible 3D printing experience and we are ready to constantly improve.


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