Our year in a nutshell – Recap of 2022 at Felfil

We have now arrived at the end of the year and it is time to look back at all the goals we have achieved this year. 2022 has been a year full of news and great achievements for Felfil and now that it is over, we can only be proud of the long way we have come so far!

First months of the year

To tell the truth 2022 had not started in the best way, the lack of raw materials had forced us to slow down production and shipments. With a lot of hope and determination, however, we moved on, by starting new projects with Italian schools: do you remember the CarrellOne? Our machines have arrived in many schools, teaching recycling and respect for the environment, with many small experiments suitable for children of all ages.

Surely in 2022 we shredded a lot of objects, both for experiments and because watching blades ‘eat’ entire objects is extremely relaxing. Try it and see!

Felfil Shredder has two great strengths: recycling plastic and reducing stress. Joking aside, Felfil Shredder is a great helper when it comes to reducing plastic into tiny pieces, ready to be recycled. We were so enchanted by those spinning blades that we thought: why not make an even more powerful version? Said and done, in a moment we welcomed a new member of the family: the Felfil Shredder 750, more powerful than ever!



In spring we then started experimenting. Sunny days were beginning and as a mid-morning snack, a nice, cool yogurt was a must. So we ended up with a ton of empty jars (Polystyrene, PS) and what were we supposed to do with them? Should we have thrown them away? No. We recycled them do you remember? We created a beautiful, uniform filament with the yogurt pots.

After obtaining the filament, we moved on to the printing test, which was passed successfully. The result? A 3D printed hair comb: what a great way to give second life to waste!


ABS filament



With the arrival of summer we tried to discover all the secrets of polyethylene, generating a rainbow filament starting from the beads that children use for playing. After hours of dividing the beads by color we were rewarded with an excellent filament, elastic and durable.

After polyethylene, we moved on to experimentation by recycling ABS. Today the experiments with ABS are not over yet, we have further trials planned, so watch out for the next news coming out here on the blog. Be sure not to miss them.



Autumn, end of the year

Last but not least, our new office! After a long search for the perfect place we finally found it! Now that we have settled in properly, we are ready to start the new year with lots of ideas and projects to realise.

We had a lot of fun and hope we have engaged and intrigued you. For the coming year, we promise to work even harder to make our contribution and make 3D printing an increasingly sustainable process



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