Presenting our new Felfil Plastic Shredder

It took more than eighteen months of development, but today we are happy to share with you how did it go. 


Felfil Shredder is a product that allows to crush your old 3d prints or your plastic wastes to close the loop of in-house recycling. Our aim was to develop one of the most compact plastic shredder on the market, but it also should have offer outstanding performances at a reasonable price.


Shredder blades

We immediately started the design process focusing on the shredding technology and power needs. After some test, we decided to use a single rotating shaft system, which is used also on industrial shredders. The second and most difficult step was to choose the motor, strong but not too big: at the end we adopted a DC geared motor with more than 27Nm of torque at 30 RPM.

It worked quite well but we were confident that improving the blade design could have made it better. So, after several test and design process we arrived to a good point with our blade scheme, made out of four different shapes.

The reliability was also an important constrain developing our mini plastic shredder, in order to ensure it, all blades and combs are made in stainless steel and totally replaceable.



Main BladeThe simplest blade in the shredder, it is designed to shred only in the main direction. Its simple profile make it strong and durable.

Counter BladeThis blade can shred the plastic in the main direction, while the counter spike allow them to move the material and shred it also during the counter rotation.

Central BladeIts scythe design allows the shredder to crush the biggest part. This blade is positioned in the center of the shredder in order to brake big plastic pieces.

Side BladeThe most complex blade in the shredder, it combines the design of the Central Blade with the Counter Blade. In order to, move, shred and crush the material.


Felfil shredder blades


Felfil Shredder needed to be a very easy to use machine with an automated shredding process, easy as press a button. We developed a completely automatic shredding cycle and thanks to our Intellishredding Technology it avoids jams and stops to run when the hopper is empty.

To ensure safety there are 2 security sensor that prevents the blades to run when the top flap is open or the bin is out of its place.




As a part of a system also the look is important!

We tried to keep our visual identity also in this new product; it was challenging since it is a quite different product related to Felfil Evo or Felfil Spooler, Anyway, we kept using the same manufacturing technology also for Felfil Shredder: its anodized aluminum case well fit with Felfil Evo’s one while the shredder’s back side has a Felfil Spooler like appeal.





Felfil Shredder takes only 30min to process 1Kg of plastic in the majority of the cases, in some cases this time can be longer especially with 100% infill objects or certain tecno-polymer such as Carbon PA12.

During the developing process we also focused on efficiency and we are very proud to say that Felfil Shredder needs only 240W a power consumption in order to do that.

Start recycling your polymers and close the loop with Felfil Plastic Shredder.