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Presenting our new model: Felfil Shredder 750!

We are happy to introduce you Felfil Shredder 750!

We have long thought of a way to power up our Felfil Shredder, in order to meet all the needs of our customers, and now we are happy to be able to present a new version of our shredder, more powerful than ever!


What is Felfil Shredder?

For those who don’t know it yet, Felfil Shredder is a product that allows you to shred your plastic wastes or old 3d prints, so you can reuse them in new projects, extruding the shredded plastic pieces and creating new objects.

After months of work we have created the most compact shredder on the market, completing our plastic recycling system, already composed of our Felfil Evo extruder and Felfil Spooler.

Felfil Shredder consists of 12 blades with 4 different profiles, all blades and combs are made of stainless steel and are completely replaceable.


The two models compared

What is the difference between the two Felfil Shredder and Felfil Shredder 750 models?

Both obviously allow you to shred the plastic from the comfort of your desk, in fact the two models have the same dimensions externally, what changes is only inside!


tabella confrontotabella confronto


Speed and power

As you may have already guessed from the name, the Felfil Shredder 750 engine is much more powerful, it manages to develop 36 Nm of torque at a maximum speed of 33Rpm, cutting up to a thickness of 20mm (Thickness of 3D printed 100% Infill parts). 

With a more powerful motor you can easily shred 4kg/hour of plastic, reducing waiting times when you have a lot of material to shred.



As for the efficiency of the machine, we go from a maximum consumption of 430W for the basic model, to a maximum consumption of 625W if we decide to choose the more powerful model.

So, if you need to shred simple PLA, 3D printed material or mechanical components in Carbon Nylon, you can choose the perfect shredder for you!


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