Zero Waste: Felfil Evo and fashion accessories with 3D print

On this blog, we often talk about use and application of additive manufacturing and also regarding how possibly each market segment could adopt 3D printing technologies for production and prototyping.

For example, it is interesting to take a look at the Fashion industry, where 3D printers deliver parts ideal for accessories and dresses using plastic and gum materials. We have been talking about it on this blog post and the web proliferates of articles who explain this production process.

During the last months we had the pleasure to collaborate with a young designer Debora Intile who created the “Zero Waste” capsule collection;

in her project, Debora shows how innovation and recycling can work together to really make a difference. Her philosophy is truly compatible with the one used to create our Felfil Evo.

Zero Waste di Debora Intile


“Zero Waste” is part of the largest project called “Intile Ethical Couture” which aims to eliminate the waste in the production of accessories and clothing. Zero Waste’s accessories are printed with recycled plastic from household waste, and the goal of this project is to “wipe waste in the fashion industry by creating products that are sustainable products and encourage consumers to wear more than once the same item in a different way.”

Debora designed this ring, printed using a recycled plastic filament (PLA) created with our Felfil Evo.

Making homemade clothing and accessories have always been part of these almost forgotten habits that 3D printers can bring back to life.

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Projects such as Debora’s, which are designed to counteract disposable fashion and to reduce its environmental impact, can provide an incentive to continue investing on these new technologies and production processes, and encourage ourselves to keep on working and believing in our mission.

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