The Felfil Extrusion System is designed to be a useful experimentation tool for researchers and laboratories: in fact, it can be used successfully to test different polymers and custom materials.

Felfil for research laboratories


A filament extrusion machine can be very useful if you are experimenting with materials, such as in the medical, chemical or pharmaceutical field: it helps to reduce the time and costs of research and development. With Felfil Extrusion System you can create your material easily and quickly, immediately testing the performance and making adjustments if necessary.


Felfil products support various materials and are is suitable for experimentation: to find out more, consult the Support page or write to us if you have specific questions.

Design and Engineering

Do you need to make a prototype for a specific application or with a particular finish? Using a filament extruder you can produce composite filaments to make your prototype with unique effects or extreme applications. Felfil Evo allows you to get a quick evaluation of the material directly from your desk.


3D printing technologies and filament extrusion linked to the aerospace industry lead to the search for new applications for space exploration. Take care of the whole process directly, from research to prototyping. Develop innovative and lightweight materials and save time and resources, independently and safely.

Medicine and Biomedical

3D printing helps doctors, researchers or biomedical teams to create prototypes of different nature and to visualize and test procedures. With Felfil Evo it is possible to create a biopolymer through extrusion and print it in 3D, with advantages in terms of time and costs compared to traditional extruders: the small tank with which it is equipped, in fact, allows testing a smaller quantity of material.


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