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Felfil Spooler is the perfect support for your Felfil Evo: it helps you extrude fast and easily, spooling your filament and adjusting its diameter automatically to achieve the perfect result. Includes fans.



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Place Felfil Spooler close to Felfil Evo, and the fans between them; then, turn Felfil Evo on, start extruding and insert the filament in the Spooler through the supports. Now, relax and just watch it spooling.

Felfil Spooler offers three presets for the most common materials (PLA – PETG – ABS) but it can be used in manual mode for other materials; moreover, it is equipped with a filament diameter control system, and will guarantee a constant filament thickness.

Download the instruction manual here.


Technical Specs:

Universal Power Input: 110 VAC or 220 VAC – 5A

Spooler Speed Range: 0-3,5m/min

Max Spool Load: 1kg

Max Spool Width: 100mm

Distribution: adjustable traverse travel

Cooling: adjustable airflow

Measurement accuracy: 0.01mm

Warranty: 2 years (1 for business).


Additional Information
Weight5 kg
Dimensions48 × 37 × 12 cm
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