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There are the most common question about Felfil Evo filament extruder, directly asked by our customers. Find here some tips and tricks to make your extruder working well.

What is the difference between Basic and Complete Kit?

The Felfil Evo Complete Kit includes all the component of the Felfil project, instead the Basic Kit includes only the mechanical parts. In this case you have to complete the extruder following our guides.

What can I do when Felfil Evo gets stuck?

If this happens, you can try to rise up the temperature to 200-220° C. When it reaches the temperature turn on the motor and let it run for a while.

Which materials can be extruded?

We tested: HIPS, TPU, T45 (ABS-PC), ABS, HDPE, PMMA, PETG, NYLON and PLA filament. However, it allows the user to experiment with others meterials such as PET.

How can I shred the plastics?

You can shred your plastic waste using some scissor or an hammer. Then you can use a domestic blender to make the pieces smaller. But don’t panic, we are developing a new shredder.

What is the max size of the pieces?

Felfil Evo can work with a material size of about 10x5x5 mm

What can I do when the filament is too thin?

If the filament goes out too thin, you have to set down the temperature. Try with little steps (2-3°at times).

What can I do when the filament is too thick?

If the filament goes out too thick, you have to set up the temperature. Try with little steps (2-3°at times).

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