Best 3D printing gadgets for summer: top 5 from Felfil

We all know that 3D Printing allows users to create a very wide range of things, from Halloween costumes to the benches in Amsterdam. The only limit is, more or less, your creativity.

If the summer heat leaves you clueless about finding new ideas, no worries: Felfil is here to help you find the most interesting 3D printed objects, to be printed and used on the beach.

This is our top 5 of the best 3D printing ideas for the summer, directly from Thingiverse (click on the pictures to learn more).

5) Complete sand play set, by Creative Tools:



4) Bottle/can holder, by ukcat:



3) Beach umbrella clamp, by Stamos:



2) Hand-held foldable fan, by Gerardorl:



1) Balloon boat, by keye:


Which is your favourite one? Have you ever create something useful for summer? Send us a picture or share in the comments!

Have a great summer!


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