Let’s start the Tour

Hi makers,

Holidays are finished, but not for all.

Our Felfil, after being in Trento almost 3 weeks, is going to allocate to new destinations. Right now lies inside its box, waiting for the messenger of the UPS will withdraw it, in fact for about a couple of months, we have decided to promote our project in this way. We ship Felfil to the FabLab and maker-space who request it, and we let him borrow for a couple of weeks so that they have time to play around. At the end of the trial period Felfil comes back home, and we can get a significant response from users who have tried it, plus a bit of visibility within the community Italian maker.

All this of course for free, we are asking only that the recipient take charge of shipping.

Is it a system that we recommend to everyone? Well, maybe not. But, if you are a maker and you have a project to promote, doing a little beta-testing, this is certainly a possibility. It allows you to get in touch with various laboratories throughout Italy and to have a response from a target very technical and challenging.

The trip Felfil begins, as we have said from Trento, more precisamene by Muse in Trento (Science Museum http://www.muse.it/it/Pagine/default.aspx) in which space is a Fab Lab. We we were in town for the exhibition Open Design Italy, and we decided to agree for the first shipment.

After returning to Turin, Felfil remained a few days to rest and now is already to leave again, next stop at Milan Hubout Makers Lab (http://www.hubout.it/makerslab/) where it will stay for a couple of weeks.

This tour will continue for some weeks, so if you want your FabLab or Laboratory were part write without fear, we will be happy to meet you.

Ah, the messenger arrived now, sorry but I have to go!

Stay tuned and share our project through Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/collettivo.cocomeri.design.maker ) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/CCocomeri ) I recommend!

An open embrace to all.