We released the source code of Felfil Spooler on GitHub: here is why

We have always made our products Open Source, to allow anyone to create the custom filament for their 3D printer.


The source code and 3D models of Felfil Spooler are now available in Open Source on GitHub, the most famous cloud hosting service for software, used by programmers from all over the world.

For those who are not familiar with software, the source code of a program has all the instructionsthat allow it to function properly. So, it is this code that allows Felfil Spooler to work.

This means that Felfil Spooler can be easily replicated and built independently by anyone with the necessary skills: after all, our ecosystem for domestic filament extrusion is available as a whole in Open Source.

For Felfil Evo, too, we released the source code some time ago (you can download it both from GitHub and from this page). Moreover, all the extruder project files, which include all the technical drawings of the Felfil Evo Basic Kit, a guide to easily complete the Basic Kit and all 3D models of the project can be downloaded for free from our website.

When we started Felfil in 2016, we started with a clear idea in mind: to allow anyone to make customized filament for their 3D printer starting from plastic waste, bad models, packaging or simple pellets, in order to reduce waste and also save money.

For this reason the Open Source philosophy immediately seemed the most suitable for the project we had in mind. According to this model, the user can freely access the source file, edit and modify it and then redistribute the version he elaborates.

Felfil Evo Components

In order to allow as many users as possible to take advantage of our product, we made several versions of Felfil Evo: ranging from the complete version to the Basic Kit, which includes only the most important components, made ad hoc (they would be very expensive if they were made in single pieces). The user then has to complete it, following the guide we provide.

When we desisgned Felfil Spooler, which allows you to automatically wind the extruded filament in spools and constantly adjust its diameter, we chose to follow the same distribution model.

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Download the project files