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3D printed Halloween spooky costumes: top 10 from Felfil

Halloween for Makers!

We created a collection on Thingiverse with fantastic ideas to customise your Halloween costume.  Here a Top 10 of 3D printed “Halloween Costumes” chosen by Felfil team!


10.  Plastic Wolverine: a Halloween classic…with different material!

Wolverine Claws by chefmaki  thing:28270


9.  Skull Mask supportless: you can dress this mask without cords.


Supportless Skull Mask by aaskedall thing:503766


8.  Adventure Time lovers?  Here’s Princess Bubblegum crown!

Princess Bubblegum Crown by 3DCentralVA  thing:122563


7. Mr Potato Head become Dr Interchangeable Face-part.


Dr. Interchangeable Face-Parts Face Halloween Mask by tom7  thing:560765



6. Super Hero calling! Wonder Woman accessories with ABS plastic.

Wonder Woman Bracers by Freddyanimator  thing:2420448

5. Blink, and you’ll miss it! 


Blinking Iris Goggles by LoboCNC  thing:1833286


4.  Disco Dino

Stegosaurus Dinosaur Costume Spikes – LED Halloween by metalnat  thing:30800


3.  Geek alert! Bionic eyes moved by Bluetooth, Arduino and servo motor

Blinking Iris Goggle LoboCNC  thing:1833286


2.  MakerBot Halloween Costume: no 3D printed accessories but, well, it is really funny!

MakerBot Halloween Costume by oliviakoski  thing:4627


1.  First place for Demon Baby! A brilliant and scary idea 🎃

Demon Baby Halloween Prop by Taikonaught thing:1159859


Which one of these is your favourite? Let us know, see other pictures on Thingiverse and share with us your ideas!