We went to the TCT Show in Birmingham: here are the best projects

As every year, last 25-27 September the TCT Show took place in Birmingham (UK): as we all know, it is one of the world leading events for the latest 3D printing and manufacturing technologies.

Felfil couldn’t miss it: we went there, and it was a wonderful experience. We found there the majority of 3D printing innovators, and we had the pleasure to meet them.

Moreover, during the event the annual TCT Awards gala dinner was held, and the best projects of the year have been celebrated in 14 different categories.

The winner of the Aerospace Application Award was Project MELT by BEEVERYCREATIVE, which is developing an ALM (Additive Layer Manufacturing) for the European Space Agency; in the Automotive Application we found at the top BMW i8 3D printed roadster bracket, while in the Consumer Product Application the winner was Vitamix Nozzle by Carbon. For the Industrial Product Application category, the prize was given to Trinckle 3D for the mass customisation of copper inductors.

The Creative Application Award was assigned to Embrace Jewelry (created by Boltenstern), and the two Hardware Awards (for Polymers and Non-Polymers) went respectively to E3D Tool-Changer and LightSPEE3D.

In the Healthcare Application sector, the award was for Axial 3D for their pre-op planning model aids world-first surgery. The awards for Materials (again, Polymer and Non-Polymer) went to SABIC filament and NanoSteel BLDRmetal L-40 project.

Then, 3D Systems won the Metrology Award with their project for aircraft damage assessment, Steros GPA Innovate the Post-Processing Award, HIETA Technologies the Rising Star Award and, finally, Materialise the Software Award.

In addition to the awards, three more celebrities entered the TCT Hall Of Fame, which includes maestros of 3D printing such as Chuck Hull and Adryan Bowyer: Dr. Carl Deckard, inventor of Selective Laser Sintering; Greg Morris, process pioneer and application specialist; and Prof. Emanuel Sachs, inventor of Binder Jet Printing.

These were all the awards assigned for this year: now, we are looking forward to participate at the TCT Show 2019, which is already scheduled for 24-26 September 2019. Stay tuned!

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